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shenzhen municipal party committee leadership to visit kailihua electronic inspection and guidance work

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on the afternoon of april 8, mr. zheng xinqiang, member of the standing committee of the bao'an district committee and secretary of the united front work department, arrived in shenzhen kailihua electronics co., ltd., and inspected the operation of the enterprise under the supervision of songyuan chamber of commerce chairman xin yuanfu.


during the inspection and guidance, huang feng, chairman of the board of directors, briefed zheng xinqiang, minister of the united front work department, on the company's product positioning, production results, r & d core, market conditions and company's leading edge in the stb board supply industry; efforts to do, including the introduction of professional counseling companies, the introduction of high-end industry talent to build a more competitive team, and other initiatives. standing committee leaders listened carefully to the company's report, the leading edge of kaili hua electronic products and development planning to fully affirmed, but also put forward the road of development in the enterprise, to product technology and management maturity to enhance the same time, corporate culture to build, brand building continue to work, to fully understand the concept of corporate culture, brand value-added products in the important role.

subsequently, the deputy general manager luo xiangjian accompanied the delegation to visit the production workshop, the standing committee of the leadership of the production line management and output efficiency to be appreciated and encourage companies in products, technologies, concepts to be more innovation, especially in the development of good business of the case, to be prepared to lead more and to create a smart industry instead of traditional industrial manufacturing mode of production to ensure sustainable development of enterprises.


before the end of the inspection, kelly, chairman of huang feng, thank the district leaders visited the company to visit the guidance of the advantages of electronic development and kelly, made important recommendations. to the united front department minister zheng and his entourage to make a clear commitment, kelly electronics will continue to rely on the pursuit of quality, to ensure quality, customer satisfaction management philosophy to a strong product development and production capacity to better serve the market, to the community to create more of the value of the contribution.

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