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anti-system-free positioning of the latest initiatives

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the past two months, the household through the market and the emergence of a large number of motherboards to install an external small board, or through the brush into the module to the base station information such as the new location-free machines, and great potential for the spread. for free positioning has been taken to zero tolerance of the live center will have any new counter measures? this is the industry from people who have been more concerned about the topic.

according to the module manufacturers to disclose, live center new counter measures will soon be released, will be an external small board, brush base stations, such as positioning products to give a heavy blow. at present the module manufacturers have received notice of the live center, requiring the manufacturers in the new production module, you must use the new technical standards for production. this new technology is a good module production, through the technology in the factory before the fuse, the module is the serial port is used to take a small board completely shut down the serial port, so no longer can access a small board, in order to completely cut off small board parasitic serial soil, to achieve the purpose of radical small plate-free positioning machine. at the same time those who through the brush to the module implantation of false base stations and other technologies, because the serial port closed, unable to implant information, will be completely ineffective.

it is reported that most of the module manufacturers have been in accordance with the new technical specifications in the module production. is expected to start in november, using the fuse technology modules will be used by the box manufacturers in the box, then, the market will be the circulation of new technology modules. these products will not be converted into a free positioning, household through the market will usher in a healthy, clear sky!

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