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there is no mosaic solution for the signal of the program

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in the household through the installation process, there are installers reflected in the search program, only to find 46 programs or 32 programs, this situation has the following reasons.

one reason: is the primary consideration, check the use of high-frequency head is dual-polarized tuner, if you use a single polarized tuner, that is, only to search 34 programs. solution: is to replace the dual-polar tuner

reason 2: if you can determine the use of the tuner is a dual-polarized high-frequency head, but still can only be found to 46 programs, this situation is the signal problem, with potentiometer measuring pot in front of the signal, tune to the best signal quality, connected to the feeder, and then test the stb side of the feeder signal quality, if the signal strength, quality attenuation badly, is the feeder problem.

according to experience, view the program if most of the programs are included in the central 3,4,5,6,8,9 not, this situation should be the feeder, signal attenuation caused by too much. the impact of attenuation caused by the feeder in the nine generation cottage machine rarely encountered, and in the three generations of machines are more prone to, because three generations of signals have a group of transponder frequency 12100 right 28800, if the feeder quality too times, or too long , this frequency is not easy to penetrate through, resulting in low signal quality can receive programs, the signal quality is rather high.
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